“Call of the Baby Beluga” has completed its global run on Nat Geo Wild. But you can still go to the Nat Geo Wild You Tube channel to see interesting excerpts from the film.

In Canada, you can still see the film. Go to CBC’s The Nature of Things site.

Many thanks to so many of you who have written us about this film. We hope that it has had a positive impact on the overall public awareness of this wonderful species, and on the endangered 900 belugas who spend most of their lives in the estuary of the St. Lawrence River.

The scientific stars of the film are still working valiantly to try to understand and save the endangered belugas of the St. Lawrence. Please support their work! For up-to-date information, go to the website of GREMM (the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals), which is updated daily.

We’re proud to have shown the beginning of a very productive and fascinating study being conducted near Tadoussac by Valeria Vergara, who starred in “Call of the Baby Beluga” and is one of the world’s leading researchers on beluga vocalization. Her work, which began while we were filming, is continuing to grow and expand the knowledge base about these great animals. You can see regular updates on Dr. Vergara’s Facebook page.

      “An eye-opening documentary . . . . Wonderful aerial photography and underwater recordings provide insights into the tactile, chatty nature of beluga societies.”   —From a review in Australia’s The Age newspaper