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We’re delighted to announce that “Call of the Baby Beluga” is playing on Nat Geo Wild in dozens of countries around the world.

The main showings have occurred in the US, Australia and the UK, but it will still be showing at different times on Nat Geo WILD in many countries, and we don’t have all the dates. Please check the linked websites and your own TV guides.

United States:  Next showing April 12, 10/9 a.m.

United Kingdom:   Click here for info.

Australia:  Here’s a link to a FoxTel TV guide.

In Canada, go to CBC’s The Nature of Things site.

From a review in Australia’s The Age newspaper:
      An eye-opening documentary . . . . Wonderful aerial photography and underwater recordings provide insights into the tactile, chatty nature of beluga societies.

Many more showings are scheduled elsewhere in the world. We’ll update here when we know more.